Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I have returned!

After a prolonged absence from the blogging world, I am least for 8 weeks! I am taking my FINAL master's degree class, and one of this week's assignments is to set up a blog. I will be required to post to it during the course, and I hope that I will be back in the habit by the end of the course. I have so many new ideas that need to be processed...I have some job responsibilities that could be met by blogging...I enjoy it! There is no reason not to jump back into blogging, so here I go!

My children are now 15, 11, and 5. They are eagerly anticipating a driver's license, middle school, and kindergarten!. My husband is STILL on active duty with the Army. He was recently promoted to Lt. Colonel. We are very proud of him. I am in my second year as AMSTI math specialist, and I am loving it. More on that later. Good night for now...I am looking forward to some great conversations on here!

Your page is so exciting and inviting. I even peeked at your delicious account and might do some copying and pasting. lol Welcome back to the world of blogging. This is my first experience. Congrats on you last 8 weeks too.
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