Friday, August 31, 2007


I love my job!!!

My new job began one month ago, and it is so much fun that I do not feel as if I am working! I am a math specialist for the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, also known as AMSTI. I am responsible for visiting approximately 25 schools and 75 teachers to support their use of AMSTI ideas and materials. They have already attended at least two weeks of summer training, so I am there for follow-up support for the teachers.

I have completed my first class towards my Master's Degree. I am working on a degree in Integrating Classroom Technology from Walden University. It is a lot of work, but I am learning some wonderful things.

I hope that this blog can become a place to share pedagogical ideas. My classroom blog will remain available, and I think I will continue to post classroom activities, links, etc., that might be useful to students or teachers. I am also planning to expand my wiki to include 5th through 8th grades. It is receiving quite a bit of traffic that I hope will continue.

Great days are ahead! I pray that God will use me in this new job to bring glory to Him as I go about North Alabama. Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

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