Thursday, February 08, 2007



I have started a controversy among people who are my superiors at work. It has to do with filtering issues, and I hate being involved in controversy. Some people crave controversy. I run from it, but here I am right in the middle. I didn't really start it, but I brought the issue out into the open, and brought it to the attention of some people who have strong feelings on both sides. I didn't mean to request special treatment, I just wanted to be able to complete a worthwhile project I started with my students. I also wanted to fulfill my obligations to a state-wide program that I have commited to.

I feel such a disconnect between what I believe to be good teaching practices and what is practical this year. I am hearing a lot of mixed messages (not only about technology), and I am not sure if the message is mixed or just my perception is mixed-up. I feel the need to have some long conversations with several different people to clear up some things, but I am so afraid of making things worse. I want to say, "Here is what I am trying to do with my students. How can I accomplish this and still stay within the parameters that are important to you?" I am afraid I will hear, "Don't do it at all."

I am being intentionally vague here because I don't want to create more problems. I am very frustrated. I know the other people involved are simply trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability, but so am I. We all want what is best for the students. We just have different philosophies about how to accomplish this. And everyone is too busy to sit down and talk about it, including me.

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