Saturday, January 06, 2007


Free Falling Blog Club

Today I take another step into the unknown...I am hosting my first Skypecast! This is the second meeting of the Free Falling Blog Club that is a continuation of the discussion about the K12 Online Conference. We will discuss iPods in Education and Sharing Web 2.0 with other teachers. At this point there are 12 participants signed up. I think that is a really good number. There will be lots of voices in the discussion, but everyone should have the opportunity to participate. I am a little nervous, but very excited! I hope my children behave...this would be the weekend that my husband doesn't come home! I hope my minor health issue doesn't act up. I hope the microphone works on my computer. I hope everyone enjoys the skypecast. Any prayers sent my way would be most welcome!

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Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for hosting the January Blog Club yesterday. I couldn't get my microphone to connect which is why I didn't speak when you asked me to! Sorry about that. I did add lots of links in the Tapped In chat though!

Here is my blog post about the event last night. Enjoy!

Best wishes

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