Sunday, October 22, 2006


Black Bears are Blogging!

Well, I finally did it! After having my blogging policy blogged about from here to Canada and lots of places in between, I finally passed it out to my students and let them begin to blog! Here is the post from my class blog describing what we did.

Third period Pre-Algebra went to the computer lab on Friday and entered the world of Web 2.0 at school! They behaved beautifully, they stayed on-task, and they were enthusiastic about what we were doing. They followed the instructions in the post below and introduced themselves, played a brainteaser, and tried Equation Blasters to practice solving equations. Mrs. Wright’s students were also blogging that day, and she has already posted some more puzzles for us to solve. Students do not have to wait until we return to the computer lab to reply to the new posts. You can access the blog from home, and students who are not in 3rd period are welcome to participate as well. We have exciting things planned for the future, so stayed tuned!
I want to thank Crystal Wright, an AMSTI buddy of mine from years ago, for creating The Math Challenger Blog and inviting my students to participate. We teach in different school systems about 30 miles apart, and my students are really excited about interacting with her students.

At this point the students are simply commenting to her posts. She is approving all comments before they are posted to the web. I want to have my students begin scribing for my classes because I don't have time to keep up with it. I think what we are doing now is a good introduction to writing actual posts in the near future. I would love to hear suggestions from anyone who has tried something like this. I would like to offer some type of credit for leaving comments in a way that will encourage my students to become involved without inflating their grade disproportionately. Any ideas?

Very interesting post. I am not teaching math this year, but I will pass this on to some of the math teachers in my building. I wish they would venture into blogging with their students.My students have really made some progress in thier blogging. Of course I think we are the only ones in our district to try this and I must admit that we are proceeding cautiously. good luck
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