Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Thank you!

What a nice surprise to open my email and find a comment by Vicki Davis on my blog post about safety guidelines.

Great job! I have linked to you! wow! If Darren Kuropatwa is linking to you, that is something else! You're definitely cool cat teacher endorsed too! Great job!
She has written a post about me and linked to my website. When I checked the statcounter for my blog, the traffic had increased tremendously due to her recommendation! Wow! I love to read what she writes. My bloglines account is filled with posts of hers that I have saved to mull over later. She is writing a book, and I can't wait to read it.

In my initial excitement over Vicki's comment, I almost overlooked some other comments. And then I found where some more teachers have linked to that post recently! Thank you for all of the encouraging words. Please come back to see me again. Good luck with your blogging!

This whole blogging thing is stunning, isn't it? Congratulations!
Jeanne, Congratulations! You DESERVE to be recognized for your work! We're looking forward to another exciting school year collaboration with you!
Cathy Gassenheimer
Alabama Best Practices Center
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