Thursday, July 13, 2006



I officially go back to work three weeks from tomorrow. I will be going back to the classroom, and I am looking forward to it! I did go ahead and apply for the technology coaching job, but someone else was chosen. I am okay with that. I prayed a lot about it, and I believe my place must still be in the classroom for at least a little while longer.

I am excited about using all of my new cool tools in the classroom this year. I have my very own digital projector to connect to my laptop. I have an Interwrite School Pad to run the laptop and write on the board wirelessly from anywhere in the room. I write the entire time I am teaching. I am no longer tethered to the front of the room!

I have a Personal Response System that includes "clickers" for every student to respond to questions. It will grade quizzes and tests for me. Oh...I just had a great idea! I can give tests with the clickers and not have to grade them manually! Hmm...I just realized this! The tests can be multiple choice or short-answer. They can enter numbers (including decimals). I don't think there are any other symbols like fractions or negatives. Timed multiplication drills! The time I save giving tests and quizzes with the clickers can be spent grading open-ended questions.

I want to plan some major technology integration this year worthy of IB's standards. Maybe one per quarter? I also want to do some more interdisciplinary activities. I know that the other teachers on my team will be willing to work together on this.

I would like to differentiate instruction using technology. I can pretest with the clickers and get immediate feedback. I want to set up learning centers with hands-on activities.

I have a new custom-made bookshelf. I was really sad about having to leave it behind, and now I don't! I also have a new filing cabinet, and I want to streamline my files and filing system so I can find things when I need them. I have a wealth of resources at my fingertips that are buried under mountains of paperwork.

Can I be ready in three weeks? I am recovering from surgery that I had day before yesterday, and I can't lift anything heavy for a couple of weeks. However, I can do the online planning with my wiki that I have been intending to do all summer. Both of my big kids are going to camp the week before I go to work. I will send the little one to daycare and start working on my classroom a week early. Surely that should be enough time, and I should be fully recovered by then, according to the doctor!

Before school starts I also want to read all the blogging and listen to all the podcasts coming from NECC. There is so much information from NECC on the web, that I feel like I can almost experience being there!

Tomorrow I need to finish up my part of a presentation that my principal and I are giving Monday at the Samford Summer Institute for Teaching Excellence. I worked a lot on it today and was pleased with what I accomplished.

If I am going to get this all done, I need a good night's rest!

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