Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Keeping up with the Bloggers

Creating your own blog and beginning to post is only one part of the exciting world of blogging. The next step (or a different first step), that you are already taking, is joining the conversation by reading other people's blogs. At first it may seem easy to check one or two blogs regularly to see if they have been updated. However, if you begin reading several blogs, or if a blog you like is updated infrequently, or if a blog you like is updated too frequently, or if you already have too many sites bookmarked to find what you are looking for, it is time to take another step. Welcome to the world of RSS feeds or news aggregators. My favorite is Bloglines, and you are welcome to look at my feeds. As I find a new blog I like, I add it to my account using the "Sub with Bloglines" button. You can access this button by scrolling to the bottom of the left frame and clicking on Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet. There are instructions for adding this button to your browser's toolbar.

Another step is to join the conversation by commenting on posts. I will have to admit that I am not very diligent about doing this. Most of the time I am reading blogs while singing to my two year old to try to get him to sleep. I prefer to type with two hands rather than one, and I hardly ever get around to commenting after I put him to bed (I'm too busy overseeing my 13 year old's homework and trying to make up for ignoring my eight year old while dealing with her high-maintenance brothers!). Of course, I also have to allow time to talk to my husband on the telephone in the evenings because he is currently on active duty with the Army Reserve. Have I mentioned that my life is crazy! The conversation is what can make a blog different from an ordinary web page. Find some student blogs and leave an encouraging word. Find an expert and ask them for advice. Find a kindred spirit and make a new friend.

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