Monday, December 26, 2005


Lost in Cyberspace

It's late, and I couldn't remember the URL for my blog. I thought I would google it to find it, and I guess I don't exist. I put in my name and found very little about me and nothing about my blog. The title of my blog didn't show up in a search either! No wonder no one has commented! I have now written the URL in a safe place so at least I can find it!

I want to begin blogging with my students. I think that I will start with my math team. I have heard several of them talking about using AIM and MySpace, so I think there are some very tech-savvy kids in the bunch. I'm not really sure how I want to set up the blog. I like Darren's idea of having a scribe for class each day summarize what was learned. I want to know how he introduced the idea to the students. It seems as if it were really simple to get the students excited about using a blog.

My principal has asked me to talk to the faculty about blogging. I am trying to gather my thoughts as I prepare. I should be posting the links I need on this site. That will be my next step, but for now it is time to go to bed!

Hi Jeanne,

I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. You were wondering about the scribe post. I first discussed it on my blog in a post called Signature Pedagogies, then later in a post called Scribes & Chat and in most detatil in The Scribe Post. Hope that helps. ;-)

Let me know when you start blogging with your classes -- I look forward to learning from you!


PS You're likely to get more comments if you allow [anyone] to comment by making the appropriate selection in your blog settings. When you login to Blogger click on the [Settings] tab and then on [comments]. Lots of choices to sort through in the [Settings].
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